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Contribute Training

Website publishing

Contribute makes it simple to update your websites and blogs without any knowledge of HTML. This product can be used in conjunction with all design programs but has the best compatibility with Adobe Dreamweaver. This is a great WYSIWYG solution and you can update your site or blog in three easy steps: Open your browser and go to your site, update the content and click the Publish button.

Control website authoring and publishing permissions

With Contribute Software, your websites administrator can set permissions for only authorized users to update your website. Contribute also has the ability to set users with edit only permissions. This means the administrator will need to approve the changes before changes are live. If a user makes an error on an update the administrator has the ability to revert back to a previous version without to much hassle.

Updating your website or blog from Microsoft Office

With Contribute you have the ability to upload new content directly from Microsoft office applications. Contribute adds buttons to your Office documents that will give you the ability to upload new content to your website or blog without opening Contribute.

Contribute Overview:

  • Contribute removes the need to have multiple programs to carry a simple task such as changing a spelling mistake, e.g. text editor, FTP, etc.
  • Simple way to keep your website fresh by using one simple application
  • Several users can update the website at the same time. The program checks if others to prevent conflicts editing the page a user is trying to update. The page rollback feature will allow a simple recovery if problems arise.
  • Administrators can ensure the style, code, and integrity of a website is maintained while allowing users to update the site's content.
  • Administrators can set permission levels to users. An example is some users may only have permission to edit page and others will have ability to publish new content.
  • Templates created with Macromedia Dreamweaver can be used in Contribute as well.


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